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Khim Raj Shrestha
Dr. Khim Raj Shrestha
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT

Nepal, the kingdom of mountains, is my home. The serenity of nature thrills me - a reason to be in Montana. Got my Ph. D. in mathematies from Syracuse University in summer 2015. Have two kids - a son, Suyog and a daughter, Khushi. They mean everything for me. "Suyog" is the moment something good happens and "Khushi" is happiness. Only thing I wish for and perhaps will never achieve is Nirvana but yes at least I introspect. A mathematical sounding question which has nothing to do with math but I think of is - what describes and measures the distance between people? How close or far away can two individuals be? What is the safest distance between two people so that they are safe whether they are friends or foes? I love strolling in the evening when the setting sun renders beautiful colors in the sky.

After being in academia for so many years, one thing I learned for sure is - I know nothing. Even if I do, it is very little and nowhere close to what an ordinary person might think I know. Sometimes truth may not be compatible with you, embrace it anyway.

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